A soft, seam-free shoe – ideal for sensitive feet and toes

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This beautifully soft, seam-free shoe is ideal if you have diabetes or very sensitive feet as there’s nothing to rub or irritate. The toe area is extra deep so it’s also great for problem toes while the three touch-fastening straps can be easily adjusted to accommodate swollen or misshapen feet. The leather is soft but resilient, ensuring a comfy and secure fit.

  • Extra Roomy 6E fitting
  • Available in sizes 3 to 9
  • Half sizes available
  • Available in Black Leather, Plum Leather, Taupe Leather, Mink Leather and White Leather
  • Helpful for hammer toes and swollen feet
  • Seam-free lining is made from a sanitised material which allows feet to breathe
  • Soft,  moulded footbed is very comfy and is breathable and anti-fungal
  • Footbed is removable for even greater fitting flexibility
  • Shock absorbing sole adds stability to the foot and ankle
  • Opens almost down to the toe so it’s easy to get on and off a swollen foot
  • Strap extensions are available for especially swollen feet

UD51 (Black)
UD55 (Mink)
UD09 (Taupe)
UD87 (Plum)
UD53 (White)

£82.00 (£68.33)

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