A pretty, floral-patterned sandal that gives a very adjustable fit

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Lightweight and supportive

This pretty, floral-patterned style is one of our most supportive sandals and is very adjustable so it works well if you have one foot that’s more swollen than the other. It’s also very flattering to feet that are swollen or mis-shapen. Choose from soft leather (Navy and Stone) or luxurious nubuck (Lichen).


  • Extra Roomy EEEEE+ fitting
  • Available in sizes 3 to 9
  • Half sizes available
  • Available in Lichen Nubuck, Navy Leather and Stone Leather
  • Helpful for Bunions, Gout, Hammer Toes, Strokes and Swollen Feet

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NSA56 Lichen Nubuck
NSA52 Navy Leather
NSA53 Stone Leather

£72.00 (£60.00)

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Why you’ll love Amy

  • Offers exceptional support
  • Lacing to the toe gives a very adjustable fit
  • Flatters feet that are swollen, mis-shapen or very wide due to bunions
  • Tongue disguises swelling across the top of the foot and stops laces digging in
  • Gives a secure fitting even on smaller ankles
  • Soft, lined leather or nubuck uppers
  • Super-lightweight sole


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