Axcess Suitcase Ramps

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Product Description

The Axcess Suitcase Ramp is designed for both scooters and wheelchairs. The hinged ramp is simply unfolded and positioned, the 3 ft width of the track offers a wide, non-slip driving surface for maximum safety and support. The ramp can be carried using its handle at the centre (except 2 ft length model).


Platform Width: 736 mm / 29″
Max. User Weight: 42¾ st

Prices in brackets are exclusive of VAT. Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify for VAT exemption.

09-116-9739 (Length: 2 ft, Weight: 11 lbs) £117.80 (£98.17)
09-116-9762 (Length: 3 ft, Weight: 15 lbs) £165.20 (£137.67)
09-116-9770 (Length: 4 ft, Weight: 21 lbs) £213.00 (£177.50)
09-116-9788 (Length: 5 ft, Weight: 26 lbs) £265.90 (£221.58)
09-116-9796 (Length: 6 ft, Weight: 36 lbs) £313.70 (£261.42)


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