Castle Adjustable Cot Sides

Suitable for both single and double beds. The sides are adjustable in length, width and height.

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Product Description

The Castle cot sides fit between the mattress and the bed base. They can be adjusted in height, using a pin clip system. The cot side is dropped down by a simple push button release and raised up with a click, lock action. The whole side can be removed easily to give quick access for making the bed.


Bed Width: 840-1370 mm / 33-54″
Side Rail Length: 1266-1866 mm / 50-74″
Height (top rail over bed base): 366-591 mm / 14½-23″
Side Drop on Release: 250 mm / 10″

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09-108-9309 (Single Sided) £257.70 (£214.75)
09-108-9325 (Double Sided) £363.80 (£303.17)


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