Etac Swift Shower Chair/Stool

The Swift shower stool and chair offers both functionality and style.


Product Description

A combination of plastic and aluminium ensures that the products are sturdy yet flexible enough to adapt to uneven floors. Available as a simple stool or a complete shower chair.

Height Adjustable: 16½-22½”
Max. User Weight: 20¼ st

Prices in brackets are exclusive of VAT. Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify for VAT exemption.

09-107-5571 (Green Stool, 16½-22½”, 3.1 kg) £104.80 (£87.33)
09-142-2203 (Grey Stool, 16½-22½”, 3.1 kg) £104.80 (£87.33)
09-107-5605 (Green Chair, 16½-22½”, 4.7kg) £155.86 (£129.88)
09-142-2229 (Grey Chair, 16½-22½”, 4.7kg) £155.86 (£129.88)
09-117-5272 (Blue Chair, 16½-22½”, 4.7kg) £155.86 (£129.88)


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