Extra Roomy Everyday Stockings 20 Denier

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Unlike ordinary hosiery, our extra roomy stockings are made with lots more material in the feet and legs to provide an exceptionally generous and comfortable fit for large or swollen legs. These traditional stockings are for use with a suspender belt.

  • Extra Roomy Fitting
  • One size fits all shoe sizes
  • Pack of 3 pairs of 1 colour
  • Available in Black, Chiffon, Mink and Natural
  • Fibre content 100% Nylon
  • Helpful for swollen feet

More information

Why you’ll love Extra Roomy Everyday Stockings…

  • Run resistant knit
  • Easy to put on, thanks to extra roomy fitting
  • Ideal for swollen feet and legs
  • 20 Denier
  • One size fits all shoe sizes

£7.50 per pack (3 pairs)
NRS31X (Black)
NRS33X (Chiffon)
NRS34X (Mink)
NRS32X (Natural)


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