Savanah Modular Bath Step


Product Description

This modern bath step makes daily activities, especially getting into and out of the bath, much easier. It has a large, textured surface area and curved cut outs allowing it to be picked up easily and the steps can stacked or clipped together for added height to a maximum 14″ raise. A single step has a 100 mm / 4″ raise and each additional step adds an extra 50 mm / 2″ to the height, up to a maximum of six steps (giving a 355 mm / 14″ raise). A foam pad is supplied that fits neatly onto the surface of the step, making it both warm and soft underfoot.


Surface Area: 356 x 457 mm / 14 x 18″
Footprint: 381 x 483 / 15 x 19″
Weight: 1.3 kg
Max. User Weight: 30 st

(091077510) Single Step – £43.36
(091162379) Bulk Pack of 12 – £503.80


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