Savanah Moulded Bath Seat


Product Description

A strong, sturdy plastic stool, moulded for comfort with an advanced sucker design for maximum security in water. Water drains through holes in the seat and it features a partial cutaway for personal cleaning. Available in two heights. Can be purchased either as an assembled seat in chosen height or as an easy-to-assemble kit that can be adjusted to either height.


Seat Size: 400 x 240 mm / 15¾ x 9½”
Max. User Capacity: 30 st / 190 kg

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09-107-2792 (Low, 6″) £46.20 (£38.50)
09-107-2800 (High, 8″) £46.20 (£38.50)
09-107-2818 (Kit 6-8″) £60.25 (£50.21)


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