TGA Buddy Mobility Scooter

The ultimate user-friendly mobility scooter with a sleek, modern look.


Product Description

The TGA Buddy mobility scooter is a compact and extremely lightweight yet sturdy model, that offers all of the expected features of a Class 2 Boot Scooter but with exceptional attention to detail and practicality. Its clever design means it can be folded flat instantly, to store or fit into a car boot, but can also stand upright when folded or be taken apart completely to fit into an even smaller boot or storage space. Its aluminium frame makes it incredibly lightweight and strong and the batteries lift out easily and can be charged on or off board.

Available in Metallic Lilac or Metallic Blue.

Specifications & Features

Length: 110 cm / 43″
Width: 61 cm / 24″
Max. Speed: 4 mph / 6.4 kph
Max. Range: 12 mi / 20 km
Ground Clearance: 7.5 cm / 3″
Max. Weight Capacity: 16 st / 100 kg
Overall: 36 kg / 79 lbs
Batteries: 2 x 12 v

  • Folds flat or comes apart with ease
  • The heaviest component weighs less than 28 lbs
  • Wide wheelbase makes it very sturdy and stable
  • A sturdy, lightweight all-aluminium frame
  • Plenty of leg room for even the tallest user
  • Batteries lift out easily – no connections
  • Large wheels give ample ground clearance
  • It will fit in most car boots and hatchbacks
  • The batteries can be charged either on or off the scooter
  • The tiller is adjustable for your comfort and lifts off easily, again, with no cables or plugs to disengage
  • It stands alone vertically when folded and takes up less than 2 sq ft of floor space
  • Front and rear lights fitted as standard
  • Suitable for use indoors and out
  • A turning radius of less than 70 cm
  • A simple switch limits the top speed for greater control when in narrow aisles and confined spaces
  • It is fitted with folding armrests, lights, horn, and key-switch security as standard
  • It has an automatic braking system and automatic parking brake


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