TGA Ibex Mobility Scooter

More comfort, more equipment, more style and incredible value.


Product Description

The Ibex is one of the best equipped, most comfortable and technically advanced scooters at a price that is very much within reach.
The Ibex is a great choice whether you travel around town or in the country. It’s strong and stable enough to handle most terrain but also slender and agile enough to negotiate through tight spaces. Popular classic design and style elements are maintained in this modern new look scooter. It also comes with a range of great user features and options that will make it an extremely popular choice for years to come.
Reliable, stylish and easy to use, every journey, every day will be an absolute pleasure. The Ibex covers the ground with ease and confidence.

Specifications & Features

Length: 137 cm / 54″
Width: 66 cm / 26″
Max. Speed: 8 mph / 12 kph
Max. Range: 28 mi / 45 km
Ground Clearance: 7 cm / 5″
Max. Weight Capacity: 22 st / 145 kg
Overall Weight: 117 kg / 258 lbs
Batteries: 2 x 12v

  • A traditional 8mph scooter at great value
  • Slender wheelbase to help negotiate through tight spaces
  • Full suspension and pneumatic tyres for total comfort
  • Rear seat pocket and a range of additional storage options available
  • Range of up to 28 miles (45 km)
  • User weight up to 22 stone (145 kg)


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