Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves

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Product Description

Specially designed gloves to help relieve arthritic pain. The outer layer is a textured fabric that provides extra grip, while the special trioxon lining helps to alleviate skin irritation, keeping skin ventilated and increases circulation, providing long-term comfort. For sizing, measure the circumference of the hand around the metacarpal joints. Sold in pairs.

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£36.54 (£30.45) each
09-104-0492 (X-Small, 6-6 ¾”)
09-104-0500 (Small, 7-7 ¾”)
09-104-0518 (Medium, 8-8 ¾”)
09-104-0526 (Large, 9¼-10¼”)
09-104-0534 (X-Large, 10½-11¼”)
09-104-0542 (XX-Large, 11½” +)


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