Toe Support – Left

Eases curly or retracted toes into a normal position

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Relieve pressure and friction that causes painful corns and soreness. Gently moulded to the correct orthopaedic shape, the Cosyfeet Toe Support eases curly or retracted toes into a normal position. Covered in super-soft chamois leather and with a net loop to hold it in place.

  • Small (2 inches)
  • Medium (2¼ inches)
  • Large (2½ inches)
  • Pack of 1 for left foot – also available for right foot
  • A gentle way to help ease curly or retraced toes into a normal position
  • Helps ease painful corns and soreness

£5.00 each
TPLS (Small)
TPLM (Medium)
TPLL (Large)


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