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Stiltz Home Lift Benefits & Features

There are many reasons why you might be considering having a home lift installed
and so many benefits to choosing a Stiltz domestic lift!

While a more traditional stairlift is suitable for many, they can also be problematic or unsuitable for others – especially if not everybody in the household requires the use of it, or the user relies on a wheelchair that they cannot transport between floors or maybe a stairlift is simply impossible, impractical or unwanted in your home. 

Stiltz home lifts are the smallest domestic, through-floor lifts available in the UK and due to their unique design they do not need structural fixing to your walls or floor or major building works, so they can be fitted almost anywhere in your home!
They come with many standard features as well as fantastic optional extras and customisations possible to cater to your specific needs as well as complement your lifestyle and your home.