Etac® Swift Shower Stool/Chair

Product Description

Supplied flat-packed, they are easy to assemble without tools and can be dismantled for cleaning, transport or storage. Manufactured from a combination of plastic and aluminium that is sturdy yet flexible enough to adapt to uneven floors. The soft ferrules ensure a good grip on all surfaces and the anti-slip pattern on the seat provides safety and stability.

More Information & Specifications

The oval telescoping legs are simple to adjust by hand. A handle in the rear of the backrest makes the lightweight Swift easy to carry and move. Based on a modular concept, Swift can be adapted to meet different needs. Available as a simple stool or a complete shower chair, the stool can be quickly and easily converted to meet the users changing needs by adding armrests or a backrest as required. The seat has a cut out on one side and is solid on the other and may be assembled in either direction to suit the user.

Optional extras include a soap and shampoo dish which is clipped to the side of the seat and provides a convenient home for the shower head. The soft seat and backrest pads are heat reflecting and provide additional comfort. Swift is easy to clean in temperatures up to 85°C and may even be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Seat Size: 54 x 41 cm / 21¼ x 16¼”
Backrest Height: 80-95 cm / 31½-37½”
Width (between armrests): 45 cm / 17¾”
Max. User Weight: 20¼ st
Weight (Stool): 3.1 kg
Weight (Stool w/ Back and Arms): 4.7 kg

(091075571) Green Stool – £104.80
(091422203) Grey Stool – £104.80
(091075605) Green Stool w/ Back and Arms – £155.86
(091422229) Grey Stool w/ Back and Arms – £155.86
(091175272) Blue Stool w/ Back and Arms – £155.86

(091075621) Green Padded Seat Cushion – £83.50
(091422195) Grey Padded Seat Cushion – £90.40
(091075639) Green Padded Backrest Cushion – £54.00
(091422187) Grey Padded Backrest Cushion – £54.50
(091075597) Green Backrest – £57.20
(091075589) Green Armrests – £44.00
(091422252) Grey Armrests – £44.00
(091422260) Blue Armrests – £44.00
(091075613) Green Soap Dish – £26.40
(091422146) Grey Soap Dish – £26.40

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