Freehand Tray

The Freehand Tray range allows you to carry the tray and its contents with only one hand, allowing you to open doors, climb stairs and support yourself safely whilst carrying items.

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Product Description

The unique handle folds flat inside the inner rim of the tray and locks into place in the upright position, ensuring your hands do not become trapped when you put the tray down. The handle can easily be removed, if required, for cleaning or use as a standard tray. Available in three variations; one standard tray with carry handle, one tray with non-slip, heat-resistant silicon mat to stop plates or cups from sliding, and All-in-One tray with carry handle, silicon mat and a bean bag to allow the tray to be used on the lap whilst providing a stable surface. Bean bag cover can be removed for washing.

(091100320) Tray with Carry Handle – £22.00
(091100312) Freehand Tray with Non Slip Mat – £36.35
(091536267) All in One Tray – £39.65

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