Pick Up Reacher

A unique lightweight, robust and wear resistant reacher. Ideal for retrieving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home, garden or out shopping.

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Product Description

It has twin gripping jaws with sculptured liners for excellent grip, with a magnet attached to allow easy retrieval of pins, paper clips and other small ferrous items. It has a rotatable head to suit individual tasks and has a removeable stick clip, allowing it to be clipped onto wheelchairs etc. The Pick-Up is operated by a wire not a cord to eliminate fraying or stretching. Its trigger is designed for comfort, it is large and roomy to allow use of all fingers while its short trigger distance is ideal for stiff, arthritic fingers. The trigger projects through the top of the handle to allow it to be squeezed in the conventional manner, or pushed using the palm of the hand. Available in three lengths, with or without optional extras.


Length: 600 mm / 24″; Weight: 215 g
Length: 750 mm / 30″; Weight: 235 g
Extra Long
Length: 900 mm / 35½”; Weight: 250 g

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09-111-4453 (Standard) £16.25 (£13.54)
09-111-4503 (Long) £16.96 (£14.13)
09-111-4560 (Extra Long) £17.50 (£14.58)

09-111-4479 (Standard with Lock) £17.95 (£14.96)
09-111-4461 (Standard with Lock & Forearm support) £19.96 (£16.63)
09-111-4511 (Long with Lock & Forearm support) £21.90 (£18.25)


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