Super Grip Wheelchair Gloves

Product Description

Super Grip Wheelchair Gloves are designed for wheelchair users by wheelchair users. The material on the padded palms is tested for grip in both wet and fine conditions ensuring security when propelling. The backing is made from quality Neoprene and the gloves feature elasticated cuffs that are securely closed with a hook and loop tab. Designed to work with metal push rims, rubberised rims may cause the palms to tear. Available as full finger gloves or with a full thumb and open fingers, in four sizes.


Small: 3″ width
Medium: 3¼” width
Large: 3½” width
X-Large: 3¾” width

Full Finger £30.16 each
(091208248) Small
(091208255) Medium
(091208263) Large
(091208271) X-Large

Open Finger £25.55 each
(091208289) Small
(091208297) Medium
(091208305) Large
(0912088313) X-Large

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