Vulkan® Classic Half Shoulder Support

Product Description

Provides protection and support around the shoulder joint, ideal for use following an injury or returning to physical activity. Available for the left or right shoulder and in four sizes.

Size Guide

To determine the correct size measure the circumference around the chest.
Small: 80-90 cm / 31½-35½”
Medium: 90-100 cm / 35½-39¼”
Large: 100-110 cm / 39¾-43¼”
X-Large: 110-120 cm / 43¼-47¼”

£50.70 each
Left Shoulder

(091239136) Small
(091239128) Medium
(091239110) Large
(091239102) X-Large

Right Shoulder
(091239169) Small
(091239151) Medium
(091239094) Large
(091239144) X-Large

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